❖Maintenance Information for copper products:
  • Treated with a clear lacquer sealant to provide additional protection for all copper masterpieces.
  • Do not use copper polish/cleaners, abrasive materials, acidic or abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals such as acetone, which will damage the integrity of the lacquer finish.

❖Maintenance Process:

Use warm water, mild non-acidic liquid detergent or soap and soft non-abrasive cotton cloth to remove any grease or grime.

From the date of purchase:

  • The 5 years warranty for copper tub body
  • The 2 years warranty for interior cast iron tub 
  • Porcelain surface issues caused by production or packaging, such as exploding porcelain, cracked porcelain, etc., will be compensated for bathtub (excluding feet), paint is not insured.

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