Maintenance Information for Range Hoods & Copper Sinks

Treated with a clear lacquer sealant to provide additional protection for all copper masterpieces. Fobest copper products notably gain the favor for timeless beauty with little maintenance.


We recommend that you use a non-acidic liquid detergentsuch as Ivory or soapy water to wipe down surfaces of copper products for better cleaning result. 

For occasional disinfection, you could use a non-abrasive, non-corrosive cleaning agent such as diluted Simple Green.

Take care to keep the products dry after each cleaning and wipe it with a soft cloth and remove all excess water after each use.

Even though constructed from solid 16-gauge pure copper, copper is still a fairly soft metal that deforms easily. Rubber mats may be used widely in the bottom of the sink bowls and over the rims for better perfections for copper sinks.

Surface scratch that penetrates the lacquer can cause the underlying copper to patina. A light application of KRYLON Clear Sealer can be used over a cleaned, dry sink to re-seal the scratched surface. Please refer to our Terms or Conditions for further warranty information regarding finishes.


Remember not to use copper polishes/cleaners, abrasive materials, acidic or abrasive cleaners (such as Comet/Soft Scrub), or harsh chemicals like acetone, which will damage the integrity of the Lacquer Finish and ruin the surface of the copper products.

Please do not perform the countertops, cabinets, tiles cutting until you have received copper products and properly measured on site. Installation should be done with a silicone sealant and not with epoxy sealants, and no Plumber’s Putty should be used with Drains. Installers must not use any tape adhered on the copper, as it will damage the lacquer.


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