Does a Range Hood Need to Be Wider Than the Range?

Does a Range Hood Need to Be Wider Than the Range?

In kitchen design, the range hood plays a crucial role as the conductor of ventilation. The key factor to consider is that the range hood should cover the cooking surface entirely. It should extend over all the burners or cooking zones to capture the smoke, steam, and cooking byproducts effectively. Whether the range hood is wider, the same width, or slightly narrower than the range is not as critical as long as it provides sufficient coverage.


However, it is essential to ensure proper sizing and placement of the range hood. A range hood that is significantly narrower than the range may not effectively capture all the cooking byproducts, resulting in less efficient ventilation. On the other hand, a range hood that is excessively wider than the range may not provide any additional benefits and could be visually unappealing.


The height of your kitchen ceiling and the available ducting options will also influence the range hood's dimensions. If you have a higher ceiling, you may need a larger and taller range hood to maintain proper coverage. Additionally, consider the ducting configuration and length, as longer duct runs may require a more powerful range hood to ensure efficient ventilation.


For wall-mounted range hoods, it's essential to consider the distance between the cooktop and the wall. Ensure that the range hood is wide enough to cover all the burners or cooking zones adequately. For island range hoods, the width and depth of the range hood should match the dimensions of the island cooktop or range.


The height at which the range hood is installed above the cooking surface is crucial for efficient ventilation. Fobest provide recommendations for 30”- 36” distance between the custom range hood and the cooktop. Following these guidelines ensures proper capture of cooking byproducts without interfering with the cook's line of sight.


While functionality is essential, aesthetics also play a role in choosing the best dimension for a range hood. Fobest custom range hood complement the kitchen's design and style, creating a cohesive and visually appealing cooking space.


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