Payment and Refund

We currently support deposit payments. You can pay 50% of the total order amount and pay for the rest amount before shipping.

If you want to order our products with a deposit, please email us the product information you need first,we will help you to place your order

Note: The deposit will not be refunded after receipt of the approved drawing.

Orders cancelled within 24 hours of placing will be charged a 3% transaction fee.

Orders cancelled after 24 hours will be charged a minimum transaction fee of 10%, without exception. 

After 48 hours, all orders will not be eligible for cancellation.

Hood and Sink

We recommend a ductless range hood for you, since Ductless range hoods are designed specifically for ductless kitchens, and ductless range hoods work by filtering the air that is drawn in and blowing it back into the room, essentially a process of recirculation.

There are 3 types of range hoods for you to choose from.

WALL MOUNT COPPER RANGE HOOD:Finished on 3 sides and mounted to the wall directly above your range.

ISLAND MOUNT COPPER RANGE HOOD:Finished on 4 sides and hanging from the ceiling above the island.

UNDER-CABINET MOUNT COPPER RANGE HOOD:Attached to the underside of the cabinet above your cooking area.

All of our products are made from 14-16 gauge 99.9% pure copper ,we only use newly mined copper instead of recycled copper. all the copper range hoods and coppe sinks are one-of-a-kind works of art handmade by the skilled craftsmen in our workshop

Our skilled craftsmen can use aluminum, stainless steel, brass to make our hood, but you need to provide us with the shape or style of the hood, we will contact the workshop for further confirmation.

Of course!You just need to send us images of crown& apron you like and we will try our best to make a perfert custom hood for you

Generally, washing once a month is enough to keep them clean 

Our copper product has been treated with a clear lacquer sealant that is tarnish-resistant. Therefore, your copper sink or copper hood will not change color over time.

It is well known that you should have a minimum of 1cfm to every 100BTUs or BTU equivalent. You can add up all the burner BTUs on your cook top and divide that number by 100 to determine your vent strength(CFM).

Shipping and Delivery

Yes,we are able to ship our products overseas,but there will be an additional shipping fee based on the product size and shipping address.

All returns must be authorized prior to shipment, please click here to know the return policy

As soon as your order has been shipped, we’ll notify you by email and provide you with the tracking information for your package!

Fobest also offer expedited shipping for rush orders and orders delivered to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Canada other countries with additional shipping fee.

❗Regarding additional cost for Expedited Shipping, please email us, we will offer you the quotation within one business day.

Buying Guide

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