📝Size Guide

❁ Hood Height: Recommended Mounting Height is between 30” and 36” above the cooktop.

❁ Hood Width: Recommended Width should be the same as the width of the stove or up to 6".

❁ Hood Depth: Recommended Depth should be the same as or less than the depth of stove.

❁ Custom Size is available for various needs, please feel free to email us
✉ : info@fobestappliance.com

The following pictures indicate how to choose the appropriate size


📝Ventilation Options

❁ Internal Motor : Considered as the most popular choice, internal blower installed in the hood removes unpleasant smoke to the outside through ventilating duct.

❁ Remote Motor : As an ideal venting method for a quieter kitchen,Remote Blower mounted inside of venting ducts for fresher air and quiet environment.However, it is much more expensive than the other two ventilation systems for it unique performance.

❁ Ductless Conversion : With charcoal filters, Ductless Conversion venting options equipped with remote control achieve the purpose of recirculating air through the range hood for ductless kitchens. What calls for special attention is that charcoal filters needs to be cleaned or changed regularly for better performance of range hood.

❁ Hood Only : For customers who already own a ventilation system, please email us at with the dimension or specification of your ventilation after ordering. We will check for compatibility with the hood for you.
✉ : info@fobestappliance.com


📝Handmade Stianless Steel Finish

Fobest provide free samples for customers' reference to ensure the accuracy of all actual colors and textures.

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❁ Stainless Steel Straps & Rivet & Pot Rail


Buying Guide

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